5 Simple Packing Tips for Summer Camp

5 Simple Packing Tips for Summer Camp

Bonus: Teaching Your Kids Responsibility Lessons At The Same Time!

Summer is here!

School’s out and summer is here; It’s time for summer camp!

As you ponder all the things you want your darlings to have with them while away from home, how do you pack it all?

Relax moms, keep reading for some easy tips to make packing for summer camp a breeze!

Clever packing is about planning, preparation, and organization.

These are awesome skills to teach your kids that will help them later on in life.  So why not include the kids in the process and empower them to be a packing pro!

It will be a fun time you can share together that helps them to be responsible too.

She's ready for camp!
The Starter Set is perfect for packing a week's worth of clothes into a carry on. Perfect for summer camp!

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Packing for Camp

Don’t: Cram everything into one big bag.

Instead separate like things together so kids can easily find what they need when they arrive.

Packing cubes like EzPacking are clear and allow your children to easily see what’s inside. You can pack like items together such as shorts in one cube, t-shirts in another, etc. That way they can quickly find what they need.

Do: Pack items for camp activities together.

For example if Tuesday is swim day at camp, have your child place their swimsuit, sun block, water shoes, and swim goggles together.

This helps your child understand the value of thinking ahead and gathering all needed items where they are easily found.

Do: Pack neatly to maximize travel bag or suitcase space.

Rolling items like towels can make them fit better into a suitcase.  Another option is folding t-shirts with a packing board. Instead of struggling with folding shirts and having them arrive in a wrinkled mess, the packing board set makes folding a snap.

Once your child masters this, they’ll love the feeling of accomplishment.

Don’t: Leave clothes lying around their room at camp.

Clothes will get dirty, wrinkled, or worse yet, get moths or other creepy crawly things on them when left on the floor.

EzPacking cubes make it easy to keep clothes clean and safe in drawers or under the bed – safe and spider free!

Do: Bring storage for dirty clothes.

Nothing is worse than when clean and dirty clothes get all mixed up together during a camp stay.

Packing a separate laundry bag for kids to place their worn items in keeps your kid’s clothes organized.

Ready for summer camp! This is what your child's suitcase should look like before going to sleep away camp.
EzPacking is also a great tool for organizing a closet. The clear packing cubes improve visibility and protect clothes from dirty and moths.

Pack Like a Pro

If you are sending your kids away for summer camp, take the opportunity to teach them to make a list for their needs, review their camp schedules, and pack like a pro.

And the end result? Your child will be organized and clean at camp.

And who knows, maybe they will bring this new organizational habit back home!

Having the right tools makes it easy. Here’s wishing your kids a happy, fun time at camp!

Do you have any other packing tips you’d like to share in the comments section below?

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