EzPacking Buying Guide

Buying Guide

What's right for you?

We made this guide to answer all of your questions about EzPacking. As a small, family owned business, we are honored that you are considering us to solve your organizational needs and we appreciate your support. If you still have any questions after reading this guide, please reach out to us!

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How much fits inside each cube

Extra Small Cube

Dimensions:  6”  x  6”  x  2.5”

Travel Use: Use to pack electronics and chargers, passports, house keys, itineraries, and anything else that you need to keep handy.

Non-travel Use: any time you need more than just a pocket – while hiking, at the gym, for the purse, or car organization.

Use for small items like phone chargers, house keys, wallets, glasses, protein bars and more.

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Small Cube

Dimensions: 10.3” x 6” x 4”

Travel Use: Perfect for packing underwear, socks, ties, or bathing suits. Fits 6 pairs of long socks and six boxer briefs comfortably. Perfect for the traveling businessman to put dress socks, underwear, ties, and belts.

Non-travel use: Pool toys, etc etc etc

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Medium Cube

Dimensions: 12” x 10.3” x 4”

Travel Use: Packing shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and other medium sized items in a suitcase

Non-Travel Use: Closet Organization, packing school uniforms/sports uniforms for the kids

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Large Cube

Dimensions: 16”  x  10.3”  x  4.0”

Perfect for packing large items – pants, sweaters, towels, or business shirts.

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Storage Cube

Dimensions: 20”  x  15  x  6”

This cube is a bit too big for travel. It is perfect for storage and closet organization for the home. Use it.

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The EzPacking gift bag. Great for gifts for mom, grandma, and girl friends!

Gifting Options

EzPacking makes a perfect gift! Great for college students studying abroad, traveling business people, newlywed couples for their honeymoons, baby boomer travelers, and for your busy mom friends that need that extra organization help. Anyone who appreciates and values organization will love EzPacking. Check the “gift wrapping” option on your cart and receive a complimentary gift bag for your special someone.

If you’d like us to ship the gift directly to the recipient, we won’t include a gift bag (since it is great for giving in person), but we can include a handwritten thank you note with your well wishes.

product configurations

Starter Set

Includes: 1 Extra Small Cube, 1 Small Cube, 1 Medium Cube, 1 Large Cube

The Starter Set easily packs a week’s worth of clothes into a carry on suitcase. With airline baggage fees on the rise, the Starter Set is a worthwhile investment for travelers looking to pack carry on only and maximize the space in their bags.

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Complete Bundle

Includes: 2 Starter Sets (2 XSmall Cubes, 2 Small Cubes, 2 Medium Cubes, 2 Large Cubes), 2 Shoe Bags, 1 Laundry Bag, 1 Duffle Bag, 1 Folding Board Set. When purchased individually, these items retail for $134. Bundled price is $119.

This is our system for packing a standard suitcase. The bundle comfortably packs at least two weeks worth of clothes and can fit up to a month’s worth for light packers. This is our best seller and our customer favorite.

Looking to share a suitcase? We can split the bundle in two colors, making it easy for two people to share a suitcase and easily find what they packed through color coding. While the accessories are all the same color, we can split the packing cubes in two colors. Just leave us a note at checkout with your color preferences.

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Mix and Match – Individual Cubes

Want more flexibility? Mix and match the cubes to find the perfect configuration for you.

Ideas for using EzPacking

The large packing cube holding two large beach towels

Beach Vacation

Going on a beach vacation? EzPacking is your perfect companion. Not only is it a great tool for getting to your destination organized, the system is perfect for keeping tidy at the beach! Whether you have young kids and need to take snacks, towels, toys, and valuables with you to the beach, or just want a clear bag for carrying magazines, sunscreen, and a towel, the packing cubes and accompanying duffle bag are there to make your life easier and more organized. Etc etc etc

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EzPacking is also a great tool for organizing a closet. The clear packing cubes improve visibility and protect clothes from dirty and moths.

Packing For Summer Camp

Summer camp is all about teaching your child valuable life skills and independence. Why not start kids off on the right foot for the summer by teaching them how to pack for camp. This will be a valuable life long lesson in organization, planning ahead, and living in a neat space. Packing with EzPacking not only helps arrive to sleep away camp with an organized suitcase, it will help your camper stay tidy at camp, prevent losing personal belongings, and teach a few valuable lessons along the way!

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We love using EzPacking on our bike trips. Not only is packing for the trip easy, but staying organized on the road has never been so effortless. We pack an extra small cube with our essentials - keys, sunscreen, tissues, a protein bar. We pack a small cube with our bike gear - bike tubes, a wrench, and anything else we need that day. We love using EzPacking!


Del Mar, CA

EzPacking saved us from having to pay for excess bag weight at the airport! We just pulled out a cube and carried it! Dropped the bag from 54 to 49 lbs. The lady in front of us had the same issue, pulled out piles of clothes and had to go purchase an extra bag to carry them. EzPacking saved me $100 in extra bag fees! Thanks EzPacking!


San Diego, CA

EzPacking has made packing 4 kids worth of clothes in a suitcase much easier. They have also been extremely helpful when packing for our camping trips. Because 2 of my 4 kids are girls, this has really helped separating clothes so we don't have fights over who packed what. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product to help make traveling easier and more organized.


Albany, NY
Wendy, one of our earliest customers

Using EzPacking is so easy - I packed daywear in one cube, evening wear in another, pj’s in one and so on. When I got to my destination, I took out the cubes as needed. Nothing creased, nothing got mixed up, and best of all, I didn’t have to rummage through my suitcase to find a particular item. Highly recommend this product!


Los Angeles, CA

I love EzPacking! The different sizes are perfect for all our packing needs. I assigned a different color to each one of my boys and to myself. That helped keep us organized throughout our trip! We normally travel with three suitcases. We were able to cut down to only two. We saved so much space!


Atlanta, GA