Easy Closet Storage Ideas

Easy Closet Storage Ideas

I’m going to be 100% honest here – I love being organized, but I hate organizing. Especially if I have to organize the same space over and over. If I take a two day organizing break, our house quickly descends into unorganized chaos. I always wished I could find a “set it and forget it” system that would leave rooms in our house organized. Fortunately, I think I found one for our closet.

Above is a photo of our linen closet. I keep so many things in here that just trying to take out one item always leads me to accidentally pull on something else. As the week goes on, it seems like the closet keeps getting messier and messier. By Sunday, I feel like I have to reorganize the closet or a panic attack will ensue! I always strive to keep things organized and accessible, but that goal always seemed out of reach for me.

While designing EzPacking, I initially wanted to solve a travel problem – how to organize a suitcase, easily find what you packed, and maintain peace of mind while traveling. During the design process, I realized that there was a need for an organization product to help at home. My closet kept getting messy, especially during the changing of the seasons as thin blankets are exchanged for thick blankets, winter jackets need to be worn, and ski clothes need to be found for upcoming trips.

Enter the Storage Cube. It is our largest cube yet! Measuring at  20″ wide x 15″ long x 6″ tall, the storage cube is perfect for storing away bulky items.

Before I show you how to organize an entire closet, let’s just see how much fits in the Storage Cube. Above, we have nine towels. Like all our other cubes, notice that the Storage Cube can expand or contract while empty, making it really easy to store the cube away while not in use.

Above is another side by side comparison of the Storage Cube in action. Notice how in the left image, the nine towels are almost touching the above shelf. While our cubes don’t use vacuum sealed technology, you can clearly see that pushing the air out of the cubes reduces the amount of shelf space that these items take. Strong zippers prevent the air from reentering the cube, making this a simple yet efficient space saving technique. The Storage Cube creates an extra few inches of space between the items and the top shelf, which really adds up if you think about how much is typically stored in a closet.

Now imagine your entire closet organized this way. How much extra room do you think you would be able to make? The possibilities are endless. Here is a wonderful before and after shot that demonstrates truly how much space is saved by using the Storage Cube.

All the items above fit into six storage cubes! Duvets, bulky blankets, pillows, and a bunch of towels all packed away nice and neat. There is so much extra space in the closet and the new storage opportunities are endless. Not only is the closet extremely neat, any time I need to find something I can easily see what is inside each cube and pull out the necessary items without affecting the other items in the closet.

Other than just space saving, there are two other benefits that make the Storage a must have organization item.

Moth protection: My biggest pet peeve are moths. They love sneaking into the dark corners of a closet and eating holes into my favorite articles of clothing. An unexpected benefit to storing clothes away in EzPacking is that moths can’t eat into it! I can’t even count how many shirts were ruined by moths over the years. In this regard, EzPacking will quickly pay for itself by depriving moths of their favorite food (my shirts!). Another option for storing clothing is our Large Cube. It’s smaller than the Storage Cube for those with limited closet space, but both will do the job!

Dust protection: I have spoken to many customers that hate dust. When items are stored away for long periods of time, dust accumulates. It is a sad but inevitable truth. The Storage Cube’s clear enclosed design keeps the items inside clean and dust free (as long as the cube is fully zipped!). If you are putting away items in a storage unit or a closet for extended periods of time, then this is a must purchase item. No more dust allergies! Items will come out of the cubes exactly the way they are packed in – neat and clean!

Now that you know the benefits of using the Storage Cube, what are you going to do with the extra storage space? Do you have any other ideas for how to use to Storage Cubes?