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How To Use EzPacking Cubes

The large and medium cubes in a carry on suitcase

Few things curb my vacation enthusiasm quite like packing. As a self-proclaimed neat freak, I would expect this piece of the travel puzzle to easily fall into place. I pride myself on an organized home, but somehow my home habits don’t translate over to traveling. I find packing to be the most overwhelming part of the entire travel process. (Yes, even more difficult than finding reasonable airfare.)

I don’t want to over pack, but God forbid I under pack. The weather report calls for sunshine, but experience tells me it’s going to be cold in the museum. I’ve planned to have a casual dinner at a different local eatery each night; but what if the concierge recommends a hole-in-the-wall upscale bistro I just can’t miss? The jeans and shorts I planned to bring certainly won’t cut it. And then there’s footwear: sandals or sneakers? Maybe both? Am I packing for pretty or practical?

Eventually, I come to my senses and accept that I cannot bring alternate outfits for each day. There will be no back up jacket or extra sweater. There is room for only one book. And bringing four pairs of shoes might be a tad bit excessive. So I scale back. And when I gaze down at the clothing covered bedspread before me, I am confident I have exactly what I need – nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, now I’m faced with the challenge of shoving all these items in my suitcase, preferably in a way that gives me easy access and keeps everything wrinkle-free.

My suitcase used to look like this. No wonder I could never find anything!

I’ve purchased all sorts of packing cubes over the years but had been unable to find a packing solution that truly made me feel organized. The systems I tried made it impossible to find what I packed. The cubes were flimsy and the mesh tops ripped. It was time to design a packing solution of my own. Together with my son, I created EzPacking, a packing system that makes organization easy and helps maximize space in a suitcase.

The beauty of the EzPacking system is its flexibility. You can pack according to the day, event, weather, or type of item. Pack for warm in one cube and for cold in another if you are going to experience different climates. Multiple business meetings? Pack one cube with your attire for each day to keep everything separate. Sharing a suitcase? Each person can use their own EzPacking color to prevent mix-ups and make everything easy to find. You can organize in the way that makes the most sense to you!

Here are some ideas on how to use the EzPacking system to make packing easy and fun again.

Our Extra Small Cube is ideal for packing toiletries, phone chargers, house keys, identification, or anything else you want to keep organized and handy during your trip. I like putting an extra small cube in my purse when I fly. Going through airport security is hassle free with clear cubes. No one has to rummage through my belongings!

Using our Small Cube, underwear, bathing suits, and socks are easily accessible.

No more digging around the bottom of the bag trying to find a clean pair of socks!

Our Medium Cube is an excellent place to pack shorts and t-shirts. Rolling t-shirts before placing them in the cube is a great space saving technique. You can also neatly fold and stack shirts and shorts to maximize space.

I usually pack bulkier items such as jeans, long sleeve shirts or sweaters in a Large Cube. Neatly fold big items to stack in the Large Cube or roll more flexible items such as long sleeve shirts to use every inch of space and pack everything in.

Place the cubes vertically into your suitcase to maximize space.

We sell cubes individually and in sets. The Starter Set includes one cube of each size and perfectly packs a carry on. Look at our Complete Bundle for packing a full suitcase.

Lucy helping us pack!

Vacations are always best when you share them with a special someone. The same can be said for packing!

The Starter Set fits perfectly inside a carryon suitcase!
We sell cubes individually and in sets. The Starter Set includes one cube of each size and perfectly packs a carry on. Look at ourComplete Bundle for packing a full suitcase. When I share a suitcase with my husband, we each pack in a different colored Starter Set (I always pack in green!).
Now it’s time to put your organized packing cubes into your suitcase.

Now it’s time to put your organized packing cubes into your suitcase. Vertically stacking the packing cubes helps maximize space. When you’ve finished, you’ll find there is plenty of room to close and secure your suitcase.

Upon arrival, either unpack the cubes into a closet or simply use the cubes as drawers. If you are changing destinations every day, packing and unpacking will be quick and easy. And imagine with kids… Each one in charge of their own cube and not fighting about who brought what! No more housekeeping on vacation so you can truly relax and enjoy.

As a mom, I know how important these systems can be for our sanity. We have thought through every angle of the packing puzzle to make packing fun and enjoyable again. If you know any other multitasking moms like myself that need to learn about EzPacking, please share this post with them.

Already using EzPacking? I would love to hear your story in the comments section!

Thanks for your support!

Monica and the EzPacking Team

The medium cube being placed vertically into a carry on suitcase