Case Study: Toy Room Organization

One of my favorite parts of running EzPacking is speaking to our customers. I love answering questions, hearing stories, and connecting on a personal level. Most of our customers are moms like me. If I can help them keep an organized home, I feel like I am helping them make a positive change in their lives. It’s an amazing feeling! I was so glad to be in touch with Shawna, a customer from Rhode Island who had an interesting order that makes for a fun use case that I want to share with you today.

Shawna ordered five large packing cubes. This is strange for us because most clients order our bundled items. We usually receive orders for Starter Sets (for packing a carry on suitcase) and for Complete Bundles (for packing a standard 28” suitcase). When we reached out to Shawna a few weeks after her purchase to hear her feedback, she explained that she was using EzPacking to organize her daughter’s toy room. I loved learning about how she implemented our system into her organizing routine. I’m excited to share her results with you below!

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Shawna is a self proclaimed “Tetris master” (her words!), someone who prides herself on organization and efficiently utilizing space in her home. I was like that too when my kids were young and still am. Rather than constantly buying new toys, she keeps her daughter’s toys on rotation. One set is in open bins in the playroom and another is in the closet, ready to be taken out when her daughter needs new toys. Instead of having a messy closet full of toys, Shawna is using her five large packing cubes to efficiently pack and store all the toys that go in the closet. The best part is that the toys are still in view and readily available. Since the cubes are see through, she can easily find a particular toy without making a mess of her beautifully organized closet!

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Here are all the toys, tucked away neatly into the closet. I can’t imagine how you would store all those loose pieces without putting them in a bulky box. The cubes help make the closet even neater because they can be conveniently stacked away, ready for their next use!

While I designed EzPacking as an organization system for travel, our customers have made it their own. We love it! Thanks to Shawna for sharing your story with us and helping us inspire other moms. If you have an awesome success story, contact us – we’d love to hear it!

Thanks for reading!

Monica and the EzPacking Team